It’s wedding season. Still! I’m starting to feel like I frequently use that phrase at the start of many of my blog entries/conversations. Nevertheless, one of my latest craft projects fits in perfectly with this theme … although this time we are thinking more along the lines of PRE-WEDDING and the obligatory celebration that goes along with it: BACHELORETTING!

One of my closest friends just tied the knot this past Friday, August 5th (yay Megan & Eric!). But a few weeks before her big day, we went out on the town – party bus style! I decided to make her a suck-for-a-buck bouquet to carry around for the night and to make a little moolah too! πŸ™‚

-styrofoam sphere
-patterned tape (get creative here, lots of prints, I used zebra!)
-pearl bridal pins
-suckers (any kind will work – I used two bags, one of blow pops, one of tootsie pops)
-cake pop sticks (for the base handle)
-ribbon for a final touch

How To:

The above list of supplies are what I used when making Meg’s bouquet, but there is plenty of room to improvise or personalize as you’d like.

I first punctured a hole in the bottom of the styrofoam ball with four cake pop sticks. The bouquet turned out to be pretty heavy once I was finished, so the more supportive you can make the handle, the better. Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell plastic bouquet bases, but I didn’t want to glue the ball into a base and have it fall out. Instead, I shoved the sticks into the bottom of the sphere and covered them with some wild tape. Then I continued on and covered the entire ball with the zebra tape – I didn’t like the look of the plain white ball… “plain” does not exist in my crafting vocabulary! On edges where the tape overlapped and didn’t stick down to the styrofoam, I used pearl-ended bridal pins to hold the tape down, it also added a cute touch to the look.

From there, I began to first poke holes with scissors before using the suckers, as their sticks were not sharp enough to bust through the tape. I placed them sporadically all over the top of the ball, and also added straws (still sticking with the “suck” for a buck theme) in between suckers also. Threw a sparkled star wand in the middle and tied a couple pieces of ribbon to the handle, and ta-da… her bouquet was ready! My suggestion would be to use a smaller sized ball as the suckers will stick out plenty far. As I mentioned earlier, the bouquet was fairly heavy once I stuck 50 suckers and 10 straws in it! Hey – it could be used for a nice pre-wedding upper body workout if you’d like!

Megan ended up making $78 in downtown Omaha, selling suckers and straws to random bar-goers! It was a great night and a fun bachelorette gift for the bride-to-be!

These bouquets can also be purchased on my Etsy site if you feel so inclined – please visit it here if you’re interested: or you can e-mail me for questions/inquiries at

Happy bouquet making, and as always, stay tuned πŸ™‚


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